Design for new social media platform Skribee

The challenge

The platform’s users are influencers who take their account seriously and who want to keep their followers – who are often younger – informed. When designing, it was important to keep these two groups in mind and create a brand and platform that balances  seriousness with a playful edge.

My solution

The logo reflects the ‘written social blog’ with fresh colours and an abstract ‘S’. It is made up of several shapes that can be used separately as branding elements.In combination with the paper-coloured background and sleek typography, the right balance for the Skribee brand has been achieved.

The platform is set up for users to discover stories, new influencers and different categories. To give users a quick picture of the content of an influencer’s profile, the profiles are displayed with a maximum of three emoticons that describe their focus area.

Posting a Skribee is intuitively set up by means of a text editor that takes the author step by step through drafting the story. For example, when creating content the author has the option to start writing immediately, or first upload a header image that disappears into the background and lets the author focus on the rest of the story.



Skribee gives social media influencers the chance to share a behind-the-scenes look at their lives with their followers, who then have the chance to win freebies or an in-person meeting. The focus of the platform is on sharing stories in which influencers give their followers an insight into their lives in blog form. I guided this start-up through the entire design process: from the initial branding to the UI design of both the web- and mobile platform.



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