Taking Messy People to the streets

Prior to the project, I was already aware of Messy People’s activities. This background knowledge and my personal involvement with the collective made the design process feel organic and this made the collaboration with Messy People incredibly seamless.

My solution

I started working digitally with a search for the typographical coherence between the letters of the word mark. Then I started experimenting analogously with these combinations. This resulted in an abstract translation of Messy People’s ‘trail of trash’; the path someone walks while picking up waste. The visualisation was created by moving the typographic combinations while making a scan.

After the logo design, I supplemented the visual identity with designs for the social media channels, event announcements and banners. It’s fresh, it’s green, it’s Messy.


Messy People is an Amsterdam based collective that approaches sustainability in a fun and promising way. The collective has become known for bringing groups of friends together and then heading to the streets to pick up rubbish with the support of the Amsterdam city council. Messy People partners up with festivals, night clubs and other brands to reward the efforts of people who have cleaned up waste. Together with founders Vera and Guido I worked on the branding of this cool collective.


Messy People