Electronic music festival in a natural oasis

My solution

With nature as the biggest source of inspiration, we’ve laser cut the digitally created wordmark and then filled the negative space with sand. What remains is a sand-built logo that is animated by the wind. These movements are also repeated by variable typography that’s used in web design and other branding materials.


The illustrations are made by Koen de Graaf from all kinds of elements that can be found on the festival site. Wood, rope, synthesizers, tipis and lanterns are the basis for these mysterious festival creations.

After successfully creating the branding, web design and illustrations, I became further involved in the organisation of the festival. For example, I am busy decorating the festival site, I share my thoughts about the programming and I take care of all the design work, including the visuals for all social media channels.


Every year, the green forests, colourful tipis and babbling lakes near Rotterdam are transformed into an electronic dance paradise. This beautiful location formed the basis for the imaginative branding of Festival De Achtertuin.


Festival de Achtertuin

Together with:

Koen de Graaf & Robbert Lokhorst