Prizes for Dutch game designers


The challenge

Since the 10th anniversary in 2017 of the Dutch Game Awards, unfortunately no event has been organized anymore. Now the decision was taken by the organisation to breathe new life into the prestigious awards. They asked us to design the brand identity for this fresh start, while keeping the previous look alive.

My solution

The well-known owl remains the face of the Dutch Game Awards. The gradient feathers give depth to the logo and form a perfect circle. The polygon effect of the Manifont Grotesk font completes the full logo.

We delivered the whole in a brandbook and as usable assets so that the organization could put the design into use. In October 2021, 13 prizes were awarded to companies and entrepreneurs with great success!


The Dutch Game Awards are an acknowledgment of creativity, skill and business insight of the Dutch game developers. The awards will be handed out to game companies and entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves (inter-)nationally the past year.


Dutch Game Awards

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