A new website with complementing animations for Clocktimizer

The challenge

Over time, the Clocktimizer brand grew into a professional platform. This attracted larger and larger parties and this resulted in the demand for a new website that better explains the complex tool.

My solution

With Defigners I designed this website where I was mainly responsible for the accompanying illustrations and animations. These animations are an abstract representation of some elements from the Clocktimizer tool. With gentle transitions and magnification of these elements, we have made the information more accessible and taken the Clocktimizer website to the next level.



Clocktimizer is used as a tool by law firms to streamline operations, support project management teams and provide greater transparency within organisations. Defigners designed the branding in 2017 and has been a partner in all design work ever since. Within the collaboration with Clocktimizer, I became the main point of contact for designing social media posts, reports and banners. In 2020 I contributed to the design of the new website and made matching animations.

Together with: