Growing up in the countryside of the Netherlands, I quickly became fascinated with drawing. I started painting graffiti and later on, I tried to capture this during my graphic design studies. In my work, I try to capture inspiration from the natural world, before taking it from analog to digital and back – to get the best of both worlds. This is also why I took on analog tools like calligraphy and screen printing to combine handcrafting with digital design.

Along the road, I learned that only making things visually pleasing wasn’t enough, so I started to develop myself as a service designer. As a social person, being able to work for/with different target audiences and adding value to their lives is what drives me most. I love to learn from an audience by conducting user research and then take the learnings to create a valuable (and aesthetically pleasing) design. I like to combine my skills as a graphic designer and as a user experience designer to create designs that make the world a better place. I graduated from my studies in Communication and Multimedia Design with a visual project at GRRR and a UX project at Defigners. After this, I stayed at Defigners for two years and worked at Acne Amsterdam alongside working freelance. Currently employed at IKEA as a Strategic Experience Designer with a focus on visual and concept design.

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